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Reader supports Pritchard for commissioner

To the Editor,

I urge the members of the current Mount Airy city council to select John Pritchard to fill the vacant commissioner-at-large seat (see “Council candidates make pitches for vacancy” in the Sept. 3 issue of The Mount Airy News).

For purposes of full disclosure, I consider John a friend.

That being said, John is one of the very few people I know who is not afraid to speak truth to power; and he does so by using relevant facts to support his positions. As many local citizens know, John has a greater than 12-year history of attending city council meetings and planning sessions, so he is well-informed about past and present council activities as well as board policies and procedures. In addition, his extensive banking and financial-management work experience ensures that he has the knowledge and ability to accurately assess the fiscal advantages/disadvantages of economic-development proposals and other issues that are put forward to the city council for review.

It is also no secret that John has been an outspoken and consistent champion of honesty and transparency in city government.

I believe John Pritchard is extraordinarily well-positioned to responsibly and seamlessly fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a commissioner. His courage, integrity, business know-how, and commitment to Mount Airy will help frame council discussions about how best to advance the city’s economic-development initiatives while strengthening and maintaining its history and traditions.

Rebecca Harmon

Mount Airy



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