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Thrive: Growth at center of 2023-2024 school year

Editor’s Note: Community Comment is a feature of The Mount Airy News, presenting commentary from community leaders in Mount Airy and Surry County.

As the summer sun sets and the echoes of laughter once again fill our school hallways, we find ourselves at the beginning of yet another academic year in Surry County. The first few weeks back to school are a time of both excitement and apprehension, as students, parents, teachers, and administrators come together to embark on a new journey, embracing the challenges and possibilities that lie ahead.

The theme of the 2023-2024 school year in Surry County Schools is “Thrive.” Thrive is a verb. It’s an action word, a word that denotes progress, proliferation, and growth. Through observing our students as they return from summer break, I can attest that our children are thriving in our classrooms. Whether it’s adapting to new learning environments, exploring new subjects, or building connections with fellow students, their growth is powerful. Thrive isn’t just a word; it’s a call to action, urging us all to develop the skills, attitudes, and networks that enable us to prosper no matter the circumstances.

Our educators are a driving force behind this growth. Their adeptness in transitioning back to the classroom is a testament to their tireless efforts, ingenuity, and love for their craft. Their willingness to evolve reflects the very spirit of thriving—rising above challenges and guiding our students toward progress and achievement.

To parents, your partnership is an essential cornerstone of this journey. Your support, patience, and involvement amplify the influence of our Thrive theme. In collaboration, we create an environment where students feel valued, listened to, and empowered to cultivate their individual strengths and aspirations.

In conclusion, the initial weeks back to school remind us that “Thrive” is more than just a concept—it’s a guiding principle. Our students are not merely absorbing knowledge; they are imbibing the essence of resilience, empathy, and resourcefulness that will serve them far beyond these formative years.

As the superintendent of Surry County Schools, I am inspired by our community’s collective dedication to Thrive. Together, we embark on this educational journey, driven by a shared purpose to foster an environment where every student, teacher, and parent can genuinely flourish. Let us embrace the initial weeks back to school with optimism, determination, and the unshakeable belief that, united, we can thrive beyond measure.



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