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Reader questions courts, city spending

To the Editor,

First of all I want to say thanks for the two articles by Jeff Linville in the paper dated Thursday, Jan. 30, on pages 4 and 5. (If Jeff Linville runs for office he will have my vote.)

Very informative about letting some people get away with almost anything.

What is wrong with our justice system anyway? Why do we have a police office? When they do there job, the court system just lets the person get away scot free without paying any penalties.

There isn’t really any penalty for doing something wrong. All the crooks know this and just laugh at the system. The system will take care of their families. Give them three meals a day and a warm bed at night, The taxpayers will foot the bill so who cares?

Another thing that I saw in your paper was Mount Airy retaining another consultant to see how we can save money by spending more.

Is this the way the city commissioners run their own home? We pay a city financial officer and city manager to oversee how things are run. We don’t need a lot of outside help in spending our money, the commissioners are doing a very good job of spending it without any outsiders help.

Now the commissioners want to spend money we don’t have to give to the arts council and museum for things that would be nice to have but not really a necessity at the moment. One hundred thousand dollars there, $300,000 there before long you start talking about real money. If we buy this for very little money maybe we can sell it for a lot more. Well some things don’t work out that way. Save the money till you can afford to buy it outright.

Jerry Bissell

Mount Airy



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