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Reader blasts contents of Feb. 12 letter

To the Editors:

Richard Merlo’s letter of Feb. 12 (Reader: Women bad leaders of Democrats), though mercifully brief, provides a useful checklist for a misogynistic vocabulary, with dashes of xenophobia and classism. As a person in proud possession of two X chromosomes myself, I believe I can speak more accurately about women in leadership positions in the Democratic Party.

“Unsympathetic”? If meant as a synonym for insensitive or unkind, several of these women have long histories of supporting and advancing policies which makes a daily difference in the lives of our most vulnerable citizens. If intended in the sense of “obnoxious or unpleasant” — take a long look at our current Insulter-in-Chief. “Shrill” defines a sound that is both “high-pitched and unpleasant,” and while usually employed to describe the voice of a woman to whom some men do not want to listen, the tantrums that emit daily from the White House more aptly merit that adjective.

“Least deliberative/slightly demented”? See last sentence above.

As for “AOC…sound[ing] like a barmaid” — I strongly suggest that Mr. Merlo up the quality of the drinking establishments he frequents. I have had many delightful, thought-provoking conversations with young people who work — hard — as servers and bartenders at Mount Airy’s restaurants.

Mr. Merlo apparently questions Nancy Pelosi’s statement that she prays. I refer him to the scriptural truth that prayer is between a person and their maker.

Although this characterization is not the concluding point in his letter, I will make it mine. “Pelosi sound[s] so full of hate:” Mr. Merlo, self-reflect much? Pot, meet kettle.


Holly Lu Conant Rees

Mount Airy



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