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Reader assails ‘liberals’

To the Editor,

This is primarily about Rob Schofield who apparently is suffering from dementia. I say this because he accuses Republicans of the very thing that Democrats did when they were the party in power. Also, he like many liberals are now taking the; “My way or the highway” approach.

For some reason the liberals claim that voter ID is discriminatory. This when the people they claim are discriminated against have to show an ID to get many of the benefits they rely upon. Yesterday I had to show an ID to pay off my old cell phone at one provider and again at a different provider to get a new cell phone. Who in this age doesn’t have a cell phone? The real reason they are against voter ID is it tends to prevent fraudulent votes.

The liberals including Schofield also claim that abortion is a right. The closest right to abortion in the U.S. Constitution is the pursuit of happiness referring to the act that requires an abortion.

Our plagiarizing demented president claims his programs have created jobs and helped our economy. The figures I have heard is that there are close to 10 million unfilled jobs and gas is still $3.35 a gallon. Diesel fuel is over $4 dollars a gallon. Abortion has taken the lives of over 60 million babies. How many of these were Martin Luther Kings and Albert Einstein? They would go a long way to filling the 10 million unfilled jobs.

Putin threatens to launch nuclear bombs and if one were to hit Washington, D.C., a lot of our problems would be fixed.

Judson Grove

Mount Airy



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