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Reader: A truly toxic commissioner?

To the Editor,

Holy moley, can there be a city commissioner more toxic, arrogant and just plain disrespectful of citizens than Steve Yokeley?

I attended the “Save our Main Street” rally on Sunday, Oct. 9. I can only guess that Commissioner Yokeley did not. If he had, he would have seen a thoughtful and energized group of Mount Airy-loving citizens strolling down the central part of Main Street to make a visible statement to align with their request that the council revisit, and perhaps revise, select portions of the plan approved by the council after being enthusiastically supported by Mount Airy Downtown (MAD). Quell surprise!

All participants of the Oct. 9 parade were polite, well-behaved, and sincere in their desire to use the event to let city council officials hear, once more, their collective voice. After the walk, the crowd congregated on the front lawn of the Municipal Building to offer individual concerns and ideas about how to revise and/or improve the plan. They also listened respectfully to an opposing perspective shared by a member of the board of directors of Mounty Airy Downtown Inc.

Ultimately, the gentle rally marchers — or “naysayers, fear mongers, doomsday prophets, obstructionists, and saboteurs,” as Steve Yokeley might describe them — may have missed their mark on their desired outcome [see “City sticking to guns on downtown plan” in the Oct. 13 Mount Airy News]; but they were successful in highlighting the fact that so many sitting council officials, like Commissioner Yokeley, remain unable or unwilling to listen respectfully and respond effectively to business owners and residents who dare question their poor decisions.

On Nov. 8, voters will have an opportunity to remove the many close-minded MAD puppets who now populate the city council by electing candidates who can think for themselves while respectfully serving the interests of all citizens … not just the downtown elite.

Rebecca Harmon

Mount Airy



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