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Producer: No harm intended with Mayberry Man

To the Editor,

There was recently a confusing article published in the Mount Airy News about Betty Lynn and her participation in the Mayberry Man movie (‘Thelma Lou’ denies any link to new movie,” Mount Airy News, Jan. 12).

It’s unfortunate Ms. Lynn doesn’t recall the conversation she had with Writer-Director Stark Howell, but he was left with the impression Ms. Lynn wanted to participate in the movie.

As soon as we learned of her reaction, we immediately took action to remove all references to both Betty Lynn and her character “Thelma Lou” from our website and promotional materials.

Betty Lynn is a respected and beloved member of the Mayberry community and we would never intentionally do anything to upset her. We apologize for any confusion.

Mayberry Man is a passion project. We are working with very limited resources and have been relying on handshake agreements, goodwill and Mayberry spirit as we try to create something new for the fans of The Andy Griffith Show, a show we all love and respect. People are invited to contact us directly through our website if they have further questions or concerns.

We wish Betty Lynn much health and happiness!

Cort Howell

Mayberry Man Producer



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