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GOP suppressing the vote?

To the Editor

The American Repubican party is the only party in the free world that suppresses the vote of their fellowman.

They did it in Watauga County when they shut down three voting precincts at Appalachian University. All the Democrats on the county election board voted no.

They did it in Elizabeth City, when they shut down a precinct at a predominant Black college and left one open at a predominant white college.

The Republican governor or Texas has limited ballot drop boxes to 1 per county in Texas. Harris County, Texas (Houston) is the third largest county in the United States and has 4 million people. The governor, Greg Abbott, eliminated 13 Ballot drop boxes in Harris County and hundreds more statewide.

Voters in Georgia stood in line for 11 hours on the first day of voting. The state blamed “Voter enthusiasm” but there were many problems with personnel and non-working machines. They were very smooth about their voter suppression.

Michigan had to enforce a “no gun law” within a certain distance of voting locations because of voter intimidation.

When you restrict, intimidate, suppress the vote of we the people, you are not making America great; you are destroying the basic fabric of democracy. Government by, for, and of the people. That is what makes America great !

Jim Roberts

Pilot Mountain



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