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Excitement time, part 4

In the past two weeks’ columns we talked about the man that Peter and John through Jesus healed as they entered the temple. How he was so excited about what Jesus had done in his life and to his body. We talked about how we could not see him losing that excitement for the rest of his life.

We also talked about how that so many believers today have become complacent with our salvation. We have lost the excitement of being a child of God and all the wonderful blessings He has given us because of our faith. In these columns I have been sharing challenges to help us reawaken the excitement of our salvation.

We have looked at challenge one, that we must simply get excited about our salvation again. When we think about just what Jesus did for us when He went to the cross and died for us so that we could have eternal life, and when we think of all the benefits of salvation, we must renew our excitement.

Challenge two, we must get excited about spending time in prayer. There is nothing that builds a relationship more that communication. So let us stop making prayer a ritual and truly make it an exciting time to talk with the Lord.

Challenge three, to be excited about spending times reading the Bible, God’s Holy Word. It will guide and change your life and there are so many exciting stories in it.

Challenge four, we must be excited about joining together corporately at the house of God. It is gathering at the church house where we find family, strength, encouragement and help to face life’s situations.

Today let me share with you challenges five and six.

Challenge 5, we must be excited about giving thanks to the Lord for His bountiful blessings. When the man that Peter, through the Lord healed, jumped up, he ran into the temple, and I can assure you he was giving thanks for what the Lord had done for him. God has blessed those who are His children with so much. He watches over us, guides us, and meets our needs, often in ways and times we do not even realize. Yet so often we will not even bow our heads at a meal and thank Him for our food, let alone thank Him for the other things He does for us.

Several years ago, before I was called into the ministry, I was blessed to lead a youth group and we would go occasionally into the rest home and visit and sing. One night, there was a man that I found out later did not have any family or no one to visit him in the rest home. Yet he asked us if we could sing for him the song, “Thank you Lord for Your Blessings on Me.” We have gotten so caught up in our selfishness that we have forgotten to be excited about all the things God has done for us. It is time we get excited about giving thanks to the Lord for His wonderful blessings.

Challenge six, we must get excited about sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with others. One of the problems we experience today is no one wants to share Jesus with people. Yet we have the greatest news that anyone could ever hear, and we often keep it to ourselves. Many have used the illustration but if we found the cure for cancer and would not share it, people would call us so selfish and unloving. Yet we have the cure for eternal death and a separation from God in the Lake of Fire forever and ever and yet we fail to be excited enough to share this wonderful truth. I pray we would see the urgency of sharing the gospel and would do so with great excitement.

As believers today I want to encourage us to stop enduring our religion and begin to enjoy our salvation so much that we will get excited to be a child of God. Then the world could see a difference in us and desire what we have in Christ.



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