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Are we contagious?

A question we all have been encouraged to ask ourselves this past year before we went out into public places, “Am I contagious?” It is the way we tried to curb the spread of the COVID virus, and it has helped in other areas as well.

When a person is contagious there are at least three meanings for contagious that we need to remember. First, contagious means to spread by direct or indirect contact with others. This means to spread viruses by either touching or coming into direct contact with another person. We can also spread germs indirectly by touching something such as a doorknob and then another person touches that same surface.

Secondly, contagious means a person who is a carrier or transmits disease to others. Often this is done inadvertently by someone who really does not know they are infected, but they are spreading a virus to others.

Thirdly, contagious means someone who goes out with intention to spread germs to someone else. In our world it is considered a negative thing to be contagious. Today I want to look at contagious as being a positive thing. I want to consider how different our world would be if we were believers that were contagious in our faith. Let us look at the definitions we just used and apply them to being contagious in our faith.

The first thing we must determine concerning having a contagious faith is, are we infected ourselves? If we are to be “infectious” in our faith we must first have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We have to come to a point in our lives that we realize we are a sinner and in need of a Savior. We have prayed and received Jesus’ shed blood and death on the cross as payment for our sins. We have allowed the Holy Spirit to take up residence in our hearts and to lead and guide us as we walk through the world daily. It is when we have done this that we must become contagious. If we are contagious in our faith, then we will spread the truth of the gospel of Jesus Christ in three ways.

First, we will go about spreading the gospel either directly or indirectly. If we are spreading it directly, we will be sharing the message of salvation through Jesus Christ in our spoken witness of what Jesus has done for us and will do for whosoever will come to Him. We will be using words, songs, testimonies, and witnessing to reach others with the gospel. We will be spreading the message indirectly by living a godly lifestyle for others to see. We will strive to act and react like Jesus would in the different circumstances and situations of life. Others would see that we are living separate from the world. When we are contagious in our faith we will not walk, talk, or act as the world, but as born-again believers in the Lord Jesus. Therefore, we will be contagious in our faith.

Secondly, if we are contagious in our faith, we will become carriers of the gospel message. This means that we will become so infected with the gospel and our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ that it would transmit the truth of salvation though Jesus Christ to those we encounter every day. We will without even trying spread the gospel to others. We will become contagious in our faith.

Thirdly, if we are contagious with the gospel of Jesus Christ, we will have a desire to purposely “infect” others with the truth of Jesus Christ. We will, go out into the world looking for opportunities to infect others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. We will want to see people that think they have no hope and do not know the truth come to know our Lord Jesus and the difference He can make in their lives on earth but most of all their eternity. We will be contagious in our faith.

I want to encourage all of us as believers, as we ask ourselves the question in the coming days, “am I contagious physically,” to determine if we can safely go out into public places. Then let us also ask, “am I contagious spiritually,” so Iwe can make a difference for the Lord Jesus in the lives of others every day. Let us be contagious with the gospel of Jesus Christ.



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