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Why cicadas are prompting calls to North Carolina sheriff's offices

DURHAM, N.C. (WNCN) — Cicadas are already making themselves known in North Carolina. This spring will have the most emerging periodical cicadas in 200 years.

The Durham County Sheriff’s Office says loud singing from cicadas is prompting calls for service, but why?

The DCSO explains the sounds from these insects can sound like car or home alarms going off in the distance. They say when officers have responded to some of these calls, they find the noise is coming from male cicadas “singing out to the ladies”.

DCSO says they don’t mind responding to concerns from the community. They always encourage you to call if you see or hear something suspicious.

The sheriff’s office says it is awkward for the cicadas when deputies have to question them, they don’t seem offended.

Dr. Matt Bertone, Entomologist and Director of the Plant Disease and Insect Clinic at NC State, tells CBS 17 that periodical cicadas emerge every 13 and 17 years. 

North Carolina will see an emergence of the 13-year brood. For the most part, this emergence will be in the western part of the state.

“The annual cicadas will be here and there, where the periodical cicadas emerge, you’re going to have massive numbers of these adults screaming, mating and doing all their things,” Bertone explains.

Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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