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What fast food places, restaurants will be open for Christmas 2023?

(NEXSTAR) – If you’re traveling home for the holidays and need a road snack, or are searching for last-minute meal after a Christmas Day cooking mishap, you likely already know your options will be limited. 

Though many restaurants will close for the holiday, there are some that will still be open on December 25. To save you the trouble of searching for those eateries, here is a list of the major fast-food chains and restaurants staying open — and a few that are closing — for Christmas 2023.

Hours may vary by location; it’s best to check online or call ahead to confirm your location’s hours. 

Arby’s: Many locations will be open for Christmas, a representative for Arby’s tells Nexstar, but hours may vary. You can check your location’s hours online.

Burger King: Because Burger King restaurants are individually owned, they may be open for Christmas with varying hours, a representative tells Nexstar. You can find local restaurant hours here

Denny’s: The “always open” diner will, of course, be open on Christmas.

Domino’s: Because Domino’s locations are independently owned, they may or may not be open on Christmas, according to a company representative. Some may also close for Christmas Eve. You can view your location’s hours online.

Dunkin’: If you’re on the run and need some coffee, Dunkin’ locations will be open for Christmas, but hours may vary, according to a company spokesperson. Restaurant hours can be viewed online or through the chain’s mobile app.

Golden Corral: Some of Golden Corral’s locations will be open on Christmas, though they may operate under limited hours. There may also be limited hours on Christmas Eve. You can check your restaurant’s hours here.

IHOP: While IHOP locations are listed as being open online, you may want to check with your local restaurant before stopping in.

Jack in the Box: Hours may vary by location, a company spokesperson tells Nexstar. You can check your Jack in the Box’s hours online

McDonald’s: Like others on this list, McDonald’s locations may be open with varying hours for Christmas. You can find local hours online or in the McDonald’s app. 

Noodles: Select Noodles locations will be open; you can check store hours here.

Panera Bread: Hours may vary by store, according to Panera Bread. You can check your location’s hours online.

Red Lobster: All Red Lobster locations will be open for dine-in and To Go on Christmas Day, the company confirmed earlier this year. You can find your restaurant’s hours here.

Sonic: Because most Sonic restaurants are locally owned, their hours may vary on Christmas Day. You can find local hours here

Starbucks: Some Starbucks locations will be open for Christmas; you can check location hours here.

Waffle House: Known for being open all day, every day – and causing headlines when it closes – Waffle House locations will be open on Christmas. There’s even a song about it.

Wendy’s: Many Wendy’s locations will be open on Christmas, but hours may vary. You can check the hours of your nearest location online.

There are a number of fast food chains that will, of course, close their doors for the holidays. 

Chick-fil-A is among those — the chain will actually close its doors for two days this year, since Christmas Eve falls on a Sunday. Fellow chicken restaurant Raising Cane’s, which closes on major holidays, will close on Christmas.

Some restaurants, like Olive Garden, will not only be closed for Christmas Day but may close early on Christmas Eve depending on the amount of business, according to the company. Christmas Eve hours will vary at Taco Bell restaurants, the company says, but locations will be closed on Christmas Day.

Many Buffalo Wild Wings locations will be open Christmas Eve and closed Christmas Day, a representative tells Nexstar. However, hours may vary by location – you can check the hours of your local Buffalo Wild Wings here. A representative for Firehouse Subs says some of its restaurants will close early on Christmas Eve and may completely close for Christmas. You can check your store’s hours here.

Most KFC restaurants will be closed on Christmas Day, but a representative for the company tells Nexstar they recommend checking with your local KFC for their holiday hours.

Chipotle, Pizza Hut, Qdoba, and White Castle locations may close early on Christmas Eve and will remain closed through Christmas Day, company representatives have told Nexstar.

Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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