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Want to get through airport security faster? Avoid these 3 common mistakes

(NEXSTAR) – Going through airport security can be a frustrating yet unavoidable part of traveling, especially during the holidays.

The Transportation Security Administration said Wednesday that this holiday season is shaping up to be one of its busiest on record. While large airport crowds are far beyond your control, you can help ease slowdowns by avoiding some common mistakes.

A recent study from USA TODAY Blueprint, the news outlet’s financial team, identified the top three mishaps people experience at TSA checkpoints. Experts surveyed 5,000 Americans in October 2023 who have traveled by air within the past five years.

Passengers forgetting to take off their belts or shoes at security checkpoints is considered the most common mistake, with 28% of survey respondents admitting this, according to the study.

The second common mistake? About 28% of respondents also confessed to going through a metal detector with a phone, jewelry, keys or similar object.

Not removing electronics from carry-on bags fell last on the list, with 23% of respondents confessing to this hiccup.

The Blueprint survey also ranked the U.S. states that have the most inefficient air travelers, based on questions related to the following categories: security checkpoints, general preparedness, and luggage packing. North Carolina ranked No. 1 as the most inefficient state when it comes to passing through checkpoints, while New Mexico was deemed the most efficient.

Apart from the study, Thomas Carter, TSA’s federal security director for New Jersey, said the agency has also seen a lot of travelers arrive at checkpoints with drinks and knives.

“Finish that bottle of water, energy drink or cup of coffee before you get to the checkpoint,” he said. “Pack the larger shampoo, toothpaste, sunblock and hair gel in a checked bag. As for knives, if you must travel with a knife, please pack it in your checked bag.”

Other helpful travel tips from the TSA include arriving to the airport at least two hours early, knowing which items are prohibited from traveling with, and properly packing food and gifts.

Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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