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Virginia Tech political expert discusses Sen. Tim Scott 2024 bid

The Republican Primary field has officially grown a bit bigger as U.S. Senator announces his 2024 White House bid.

The most prominent black figure in the Republican Party, Tim Scott addressed supporters at his alma mater, Charleston Southern University, in his hometown of North Charleston.

“I’m the candidate the far-left fears the most. You see, when I cut your taxes, they called me a prop. When I refunded the police, they called me a token. When I pushed back on President Biden, they even called me the ‘n-word,’” Scott said. “I disrupt their narrative. I threaten their control. The truth of my life disrupts their lies.”

Dr. Brandy Faulkner is a political expert at Virginia Tech. Faulkner said while Scott is the lone Black Republican Senator, she doesn’t believe he will run his campaign on that ideal.

“He downplays the role of race in his decisions. I think for that reason you won’t hear too much public discourse about race coming from him,” Faulkner said.

Scott and many other candidates throwing their names on the ballot have an uphill battle ahead of them.

“I think it’s a very long shot and that it really be a battle between the two big names that are already being touted of course … DeSantis and Trump,” Faulkner said. “He is very well-liked among Republicans. Even among his Democrat opponents he is very well respected. I think he will have some support just not enough to compete at present with the bigger names who are in the race.”

Source: WSLS News 10

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