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There's a new iPhone update: What's in it, and who can get it?

(NEXSTAR) — If you have an iPhone, you may have had a bit of déjà vu when you were warned of another iOS update Monday, just days after updating to iOS 17.1.2.

There is, indeed, a new update available, iOS 17.2, and it’s much different than iOS 17.1.2.

In case you missed it, Apple urged all of its iOS users to update their devices to get “important security fixes.”

This week’s update includes much more than security updates. Here’s what to know.

What’s in the new iOS update?

This update, iOS 17.2, includes a number of new features. Among those is the highly-anticipated Journal app.

As you may expect, Journal serves as a space to “write about the small moments and big events in your life so you can practice gratitude and improve your wellbeing,” Apple explains. It will also offer suggestions to inspire your journaling, with prompts featuring photos from your camera roll or even questions about where you’ve been. That may even include a reminder about a recent trip to Wendy’s, CNET reports.

You can see two of those prompts below. And just like a journal or diary you had as a child, you can like Journal using Touch ID or Face ID, and your entries will be stored “safe and ecrypted on iCloud.”

Two suggested prompts in iPhone’s newest app, Journal, which was released as part of the iOS 17.2 update. (Addy Bink/Nexstar)

Unlike other parts of iOS 17.2, Journal is not available for iPads, according to Apple.

What is available on iPhones and iPads though are some major changes to the Weather app. That includes an interactive moon calender that lets you see what phase the moon will be for the next month; a wind map to show patterns, upcoming precipitation amounts, and widgets with options for precipitation, the forecast, sunrise and sunset times, air quality, wind speed, and the “feels like” temperature.

Your Messages get an update, too. If you fall behind in a group text or other conversation, you’ll now have a button that takes you to the first unread message, meaning you no longer need to quickly scroll back as new messages pour in. Once you update to iOS 17.2, you can also edit your Memoji’s body shape.

Apple Music users will notice a new Favorite Songs Playlist, and the Use Listening History setting can be turned off while you’re in Focus mode.

Other minor updates include:

  • Expanding sharing options for AirDrop so you can share boarding passes, movie tickets, and other passes by bringing iPhones together
  • A new Digital Clock Widget that can appear while your device is in StandBy mode
  • Improved AutoFill for PDFs and other forms
  • New keyboard layouts for 8 Sámi languages
  • Sensitive Content Warnings for stickers in Messages that keep you “from being unexpectedly shown a sticker containing nudity,” Apple explains

Siri will also be able to access and log data on your Health app “privately” while “using your voice.”

There are additional updates for iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max models including improvements to the camera and Action button.

Who can — and can’t — get iOS 17.2?

As with other updates, there are some devices that won’t be able to get iOS 17.2.

If you have a newer iPhone, you likely don’t have to worry about whether or not you can access the update. Unless you’re out of storage space on your iPhone, you should have no problem updating.

But if you weren’t able to get the massive iOS 17 update in June, you can’t get the latest update. When it released iOS 17, Apple made it clear that iPhones older than the XS and XR models (so iPhone 8 and older) would not be compatible.

Otherwise, it’s probably for the best to update your device. You’ll not only receive the latest security fixes but have the chance to share your secrets with your Apple device.

Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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