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The top 10 in-demand jobs by salary growth in US: analysis

(NEXSTAR) – Some customer service, skilled trade and freelance job positions saw double-digit wage growth this past year, according to a new Payscale analysis.

The compensation data firm released a report ranking the most in-demand jobs where workers secured higher paychecks on average in 2023 compared to the previous year. Payscale examined salary data from more than 774,000 U.S. workers and information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics for its analysis.

Despite experiencing the highest year-over-year wage growth percentages, the top two positions on the list — customer service assistant manager and hairstylist — also recorded the lowest median salaries, standing at $44,200 and $34,300 respectively.

Bloomberg noted in a September 2023 article that while retail wages are rising fast, retail workers are quitting at higher rates and earning less than the median U.S. worker.

Payscale also acknowledged the retail industry’s high turnover rate in its report, stating that wages are likely increasing for the assistant manager role since “customer service centers can be stressful work environments, often leading people to seek better positions with higher incomes as soon as they gain the prerequisite skills.”

As for hairdressers, Payscale indicated that many people in this profession faced layoffs during the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently left the field, resulting in a shortage of stylists.

The pandemic also contributed to a surge in people pursuing freelance or self-employment gigs. About 400,000 more Americans reported being self-employed in 2023 than before the pandemic, according to a recent report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research. Some of these roles, like job and fitness coaches, landed on the in-demand jobs list.

Among the skilled trade positions included in the ranking, master plumbers had the highest median salary at $82,700. The report referenced a Mr. Rooter study, which found that Americans are relying more on experienced plumbers than DIY methods to handle their plumbing issues.

In-demand jobs by wage growth

RankJob TitleMedian PayWage Growth (YOY)
1Assistant manager, customer service$44,20022%
3Master plumber$82,70021%
4Automotive body repairer$52,10021%
5Job coach$46,60021%
6Audio visual technician$57,10020%
8Fitness coach$51,10019%
10General manager$70,70018%
Source: Payscale

It’s important to remember that the pay for all positions listed above will vary depending on geographic locations and potentially the size of the company. Larger firms and coastal cities typically offer higher median wages, the report stated.

Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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