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The James River Center is expanding its public river access

Riveredge Park is expanding as Amherst County and the James River Association (JRA) announce plans for new access to the river and an education center.

New plans for river access include a paved pathway to the river which will lead to a landing that will have a ramp that can launch canoes, kayaks, and paddleboards. The landing will allow boats to launch above the rapids making it easier to paddle upstream, and a floating dock to allow for easier boarding of JRA’s batteau. JRA said the hope is that these new docks and ramps will expand river access to a greater variety of river users.

Along with new river access, the JRA is turning the Upper James River Center into an environmental education center to support current education programs and serve as the focal point for river activities in the region.

The education center will have aquariums showcasing fish from the James River and technology to help students learn the connection between local waters and the entire James River, Chesapeake Bay and the world.

The Upper James River Center is part of the James Changer Campaign that plans to expand JRA’s current program, add three educational centers along the river, restore streamside and shoreline vegetated buffers, and build JRA’s endowment

Source: WSLS News 10

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