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Surry County Schools hold GROW Strong 5K

The fifth Annual Surry County Schools GROW Strong 5K bolted through Fisher River Park on recently, with all 11 elementary schools participating in the event with more than 300 students competing.

The 5K race for third, fourth and fifth-grade runners began at 9:30 in the morning. By 11 a.m., all student runners had completed the race with dozens of family members and Surry County School system staff cheering on each team.

GROW is an acronym for Go Run Our World. The initiative encourages enthusiasm for health and wellness, and a love of running. Each team’s coach trains students to run a 5K and teaches perseverance, responsibility, race etiquette, self-motivation, self-pride, and teamwork. Training takes place over ten weeks leading up to the big event.

Surry County Parks & Recreation hosted the event and worked with the organizers to ensure safety for all participants. The Surry County Schools Educational Foundation Managing Director Ashley Mills, along with Rockford Elementary Coach Deanne Fitzgerald, organized the event for Surry County Schools.

“This is a great day. I am so thankful for all of you and for your families that have come out to support you,” Superintendent of Surry County Schools Dr. Travis L. Reeves said before the race.Reeves also commented about how proud he was of each student. “These students have set goals for themselves, and today they are able to reach these goals. I am proud of these students, and I know their coaches and families are proud too.”

Results of the race:

Third grade girls school time

1. Lillian Childress Dobson 28:15.10

2. Yeeimi Arreola Rockford 31:41.36

3. Kalley Cienfuegos Rockford 31:42.96

Fourth grade girls school time

1. Eliza Richardson Dobson 26:18.59

2. Ila Wilmoth Cedar Ridge 26:56.63

3. Bristol Holder Cedar Ridge 27:00.06

Fifth grade girls school time

1. Alleah Ayers Shoals 27:21.15

2. Karina Gonzalez Lugo Rockford 27:41.29

3. Haidyn Horton Dobson 27:46.42

Third grade boys school time

1. Colten Bean Copeland 26:56.69

2. Dilon Nava Copeland 25:58.13

3. Grady Swift Cedar Ridge 26:55.30

Fourth grade boys school time

1. Jose Ivan Baltazar Dobson 23:42.47

2. Silas Hiatt White Plains 24:23.34

3. Roe Johnson White Plains 26:33.89

Fifth grade boys school time

1. Luke Hampton Dobson 22:44.23

2. Leonel Garcia Santchez Dobson 23:07.61

3. Abraham Garcia Santiago Dobson 23:18.04

Dobson Elementary earned the titles of overall fastest boys’ team and fastest girls’ team.

The final recognition was the GROW Strong All Heart award for one male and one female student. Coaches could nominate students for this award based on attitude, participation, courage, and team spirit. Mia Faistl and Daniel Martinez, both from Rockford Elementary, won those awards.



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