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Roanoke nonprofit secures $50,000 grant to repair senior homes

Renovation Alliance received a $50,000 grant for six people 60 years and older who need critical or necessary home repairs and are low-income.

The Marion S. and Willie Z. Camp for Eldercare of Community Foundation Serving Western Virginia awarded the grant to the organization, aspiring to make a difference in the Star City.

Director of Construction Garrett Robinson said some projects they help with include roof replacements, plumbing or electrical and heating and cooling system repairs.

Robinson said these are more than home repairs

“Research has shown that investing in critical repairs can improve physical health, improve mental health and even reduce crime in certain areas. And, so doing something as simple as fixing a leaking roof not only keeps the client safe, warm and dry, [but] it can also play a part in strengthening our community as a whole,” said Robinson.

Renovation Alliance helps Roanoke and Salem residents who are low-income.

The group assists low-income homeowners who live in Botetourt, Craig, Floyd and Franklin Counties as well.

In addition to this, Renovation Alliance also focuses on people who are over the age of 60, persons living with disabilities, families with children and active or retired military members or their surviving partners.

The organization helped about 82 homeowners last year, and they completed more than 200 critical repairs. The average gross household income of homeowners served is less than $23,000, and the average cost of repairs exceeded $5,000.

Robinson said that these repairs help the local economy.

“When all of the funds that we spend are either used through volunteer labor that we work with or local contractors that partner with us, and so the money that we use to pay for the projects is being invested into the local economy to help local residents,” said Robinson.

If you want to receive services, you will need to apply online.

“All of our programs are income based. So, you do have to qualify income-wise, which is scaled based on the number of individuals in the household. If a homeowner would like to apply, they can apply online on our online application or they can call our office and get a paper application mailed to them,” said Robinson.

Source: WSLS News 10

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