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Roanoke County wants your input on a stretch of road near Hollins University

Roanoke County is asking residents to fill out a survey so they can make improvements to the stretch of road between Peters Creek at Wood Haven and Williamson at Plantation Roads.

You have until April 1 to complete the survey. There are several suggestions for you to weigh in on that will make this road safer, including adding turn lanes and crosswalks.

The county wants to make changes to this stretch of road because there were 200 crashes from 2018 to 2022, according to summary data that the county shared during a recent community meeting. Two people died and there were 13 serious injuries. One bicyclist and three people were hit by cars as well.

It was also revealed that Plantation Road had the highest number of rear-end incidents. However, Airport Road had the highest number of crashes at an angle.

The county said another dangerous intersection is at Williamson and Peters Creek Roads, which is near Kroger.

Some people say this is a dangerous area.

“I would say Peters Creek could probably use several roundabouts,” said Resident Brian Gentry. “There are multiple stop lights where it seems to be a problem, and I’ve seen a number of wrecks on Peters Creek.”

Meanwhile, Caroline Russell said she had some trouble driving on the road.

“Definitely, the first time I did it, I was confused by where Peters Creek Road is and how to get on there, but now I know which lane to stay in and where I’m going,” said Russell.

Some of the suggestions for the intersection at Williamson and Peters Creek Roads include adding a double right turn. Roanoke County also recommended adding a roundabout.

“The other challenge we have on these two roadways is that it’s part of the 81-detour route. So, at times when there’s a crash and traffic has to be shifted to the local network, these roads get very congested so the roundabout will also help that traffic continue to flow,” said Assistant Director of Planning Megan Cronise with the County of Roanoke.

Gentry agrees with adding the roundabout.

“I think that would be great. I think roundabouts in general are a very good solution to these problems,” said Gentry.

Source: WSLS News 10

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