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Roanoke City middle schools offering Saturday school

Going to school six days a week can be rough, but that’s exactly what Roanoke City Public Schools is offering some of its students.

Roanoke City middle schools are now open on Saturdays.

Right now, three schools offer this program: John P. Fishwick, Lucy Addison, and Woodrow Wilson. The first school offered this program last month. However, all five middle schools will offer Saturday school by May.

“We found students that were eager and staff to work in on Saturdays, which is very unique that students are willing to come in, but based on our numbers, we’re seeing that we do have students who are willing to come in to receive that additional support. A lot of the principals that I spoke with that have Saturday schools they’ve been really energized to see the students working one-on-one with their teachers,” said Assistant Superintendent of Secondary Education Lori Wimbush.

Each week, principals put out a robo call asking if kids want to attend. Teachers then design the tutoring for those students. Wimbush said it’s individualized, and it’s based on grade level. Division leaders said teachers are also trying to help kids with their upcoming Virginia SOL testing.

“Our middle schools have provided us with programs that they’re going to be implementing in the next few Saturdays to prepare for the upcoming testing season,” said Wimbush.

Division leaders said each week they’ve been introducing a new middle school. They said on average, about 35 students attend. Middle school parents can reach out to their kids’ schools to sign them up. There’s more support for students too. Summer and after-school programs are available as well.

Roanoke City high schools also offer Saturday School, which started in October. The attendance is fluid based on students’ needs.

“What we’re doing right now currently is providing all of our students the opportunity to receive additional academic support on Saturdays and what we found is a lot of our students, especially in our secondary schools, are taking advantage of coming into school on Saturdays and working with our staff to obtain additional academic support,” said Wimbush.

Source: WSLS News 10

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