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Roanoke City hosts 2023 ‘Preparathon’

When it comes to natural disasters in our area, the city of Roanoke wants you to be prepared.

On Saturday, they hosted the 2023 Preparathon.

It’s a day to help everyone feel more prepared if a natural disaster were to happen.

From knowing local risks to hands-on practice, they say the event is both fun and informative.

Organizers say kids often know their emergency plans at school, but that’s not always the case at home.

“They might not have a plan at place at home, where am I going to meet my family if we need to use the back door to get out of the house or window — how do I open the window in case of an emergency so kids can come here to gain those tools,” said Rachel Pence, environmental specialist with the Roanoke Storm Water and Utility.

There were also resources for homeowners and businesses if they were interested in floodproofing.

Source: WSLS News 10

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