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Pulaski County hires first fire chief to oversee the county’s first paid fire department

The County of Pulaski officially named Brandon Hamblin to be the first career Fire Chief to oversee the recently established Pulaski County Fire Department, the county announced Thursday.

The move is part of a multifaceted plan to provide volunteer fire departments in the county with greater support and resources. According to the county, the budget for the year allowed them to hire a fire chief along with two full-time fire fighters.

“Pulaski County is excited to welcome Chief Hamblin to this position and to work with hi and our talented career and volunteer firefighters to continue to develop and support strong fire-rescue response capabilities.” Johnathan Sweet, County Administrator, said.

10 News has learned the decision to to establish a paid fire-rescue department and ultimately to hire a chief to oversee it came as a recommendation from the county’s Change Agent Chris Gannon.

Hamblin will take office on July 16 and his position as Chief will operate as the department head for the new department and provide the oversight for all fire/rescue activities conducted by six volunteer fire departments within the county.

“I am honored to have been selected for this position and to serve my community in a different but perhaps more impactful and universal way” Hamblin said.

Source: WSLS News 10

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