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One team strong

The following statement was issued by Que Tucker, Commissioner of the North Carolina High School Athletic Association, on Thursday, Oct. 15:

Today, let us be reminded of the mission of the NCHSAA: “to provide governance and leadership for interscholastic athletic programs in North Carolina that support and enrich the educational experience of students”. As an NCHSAA family, our leadership and governance must always reflect learning opportunities. Clearly, we have such opportunities as we play our way through this 2020-2021 Sports Calendar.

In this year of heightened concern, doubt, and uncertainty surrounding COVID-19, I believe we are uniquely positioned to be role models of understanding, hope, and clarity as we continue to promote the values and ideals that can be found in our programs. We must also expect and require respectful behavior, understanding that what is learned today makes a lifelong impact.

As we “begin anew”, I challenge each of us to:

• Practice self-preservation in the midst of our leadership and guidance

• Provide a sense of community and connection for our students and all who are members of our “team”

We do not know what tomorrow will bring; however, we can reassure others that a time will come when our lives will regain some normalcy—at home, at school, in the playing arena, and in the community. Yes, there will likely be more disruptions, inconveniences, hardships, and maybe even fears; BUT, we can, and we will overcome this crisis! After all, WE ARE ONE TEAM STRONG, AND ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

Good luck and best wishes!



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