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November ties local record — for heat

The fact a local temperature record was tied in November might lead one to assume this was related to it being one of the colder months — but that distinction is due to heat instead.

A balmy 80-degree reading recorded on Nov. 8 matched Mount Airy’s previous high mark for that date, going all the way back to the days of World War II in 1944.

That was the high temperature last month, which conversely offered up an 18-degree monthly low on both Nov. 21-22 which contributed to November’s status as a cooler period of the year.

The various mercury swings combined for an average temperature locally last month of 48.6 degrees, according to a statistical breakdown from F.G. Doggett Water Plant as compiled by Will Hodges, the city’s assistant water treatment supervisor.

That facility is the official weather-monitoring station in Mount Airy, for which records date to 1924.

Last month’s 48.6-degree temperature average eclipsed the all-time one in Mount Airy for November, 47.2.

Frost occurred on 10 days last month.

More rain logged

The report from the water plant also shows that higher-than-normal precipitation occurred locally during November, when a total of 4.41 inches was measured there. The all-time average in Mount Airy for the 11th month of the year is 3.38 inches.

Measurable amounts occurred on 10 of November’s 30 days, with a .93-inch output on Nov. 7 constituting the most for a single day.

For the year, as of Nov. 30, precipitation stood at 48.14 inches — 3.52 inches, or 7.9% — above the normal 44.62 inches for Mount Airy at that juncture.

Fog was noted locally on six days during November.



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