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New PA joins Northern staff

Bryn A. Eyerman, PA-C, has joined the gastroenterology department of Northern Regional Hospital, one of the top-ranked rural hospitals in the nation.

In her role as physician assistant, Eyerman will diagnose and treat patients with a wide variety of intermittent and chronic gastrointestinal (GI) issues – including ulcers, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), gastro-esophageal reflux disease (GERD), and colon cancer.

“We are delighted to welcome Bryn Eyerman to our busy outpatient GI practice,” said board-certified gastroenterologist Tom Orli, MD, in announcing the appointment. “Our patients will benefit significantly from Bryn’s comprehensive clinical knowledge, demonstrated work experience, and her caring and compassionate approach to patient care,” added Dr. Orli, who has practiced at Northern’s GI Division for the past nine years.

“I am excited about joining the GI team at Northern and look forward to helping educate and treat patients who are experiencing GI problems,” said Eyerman. “I share with my new colleagues a collective goal of developing treatment plans that will meet each patient’s needs and level of comfort, as well as improve their quality of life while achieving the best possible clinical outcome.”

“I approach each patient as I would someone important to me,” she continued. “The most rewarding part of my job is to guide my patients through the entirety of their care process – from providing an accurate diagnosis to helping them achieve a successful outcome.”

Eyerman’s interest in becoming a physician assistant developed when she joined her high school athletic training program to assist in treating minor sports injuries such as twisted ankles, sprained thigh muscles, and knee pain. After she expressed an interest in biology and medicine, the school’s Athletic Director arranged for her to shadow several Physician Assistants in the community. “After that, my interest in becoming a P.A. blossomed,” she admitted.

Eyerman enrolled in the University of Virginia, where she was awarded a bachelor of science degree – with a double-major in kinesiology (the study of movement) and biology. She then earned a master of science degree in physician assistant studies from East Carolina University in 2019.

For three years, she worked alongside general surgeons at the Carolinas Center for Surgery in Morehead City, performing a variety of patient-care duties. She also served as first assist in the operating room during subspecialty procedures – including hernia repairs, bowel resections, and colorectal surgeries.

Eyerman views her operating room experience as a benefit for helping patients who may require surgery for their GI issues. “Receiving a diagnosis and treatment plan involving surgery may be overwhelming for some patients,” she said. “My experience in the OR helps me educate patients about surgical procedures and the recovery process – including an estimated timetable for recovery and what steps they may take to hasten that process.”

“Patients, like all of us, feel more comfortable about their diagnosis and treatment when they have an understanding of what’s going on and why it’s happening.” The 28-year-old Eyerman is certified in advanced cardiac life support, and a member of the American Academy of Physician Assistants and the North Carolina Academy of Physician Assistants.

She noted that an important factor in her decision to relocate to Mount Airy was how impressed she was with Northern Regional Hospital and its physicians, nurses, administrators, and staff. “When I came for a site visit, one of the things that blew me away was how happy and helpful everyone was – from the providers to the patients,” she said. “It was also comforting to learn that so many of the employees have been with the hospital for a long time – from 10 to 40 years or more – which tells me the Hospital leadership is doing good things.”

Having recently finalized her move to Mount Airy, Eyerman spends her personal time settling in with her two small pets: Sugar, a perky cockapoo; and Lucy, her cat. She is excited about exploring the region and engaging in some of her favorite outdoor activities: horseback riding, hiking, and apple picking.

To schedule an appointment with Eyerman call 336-786-6277 or visit



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