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Mountain Valley Pipeline protester locks herself to buried lockbox at Roanoke County worksite

A Mountain Valley Pipeline protester has locked herself to a buried lockbox at a worksite on Poor Mountain in Roanoke County, where workers are working on clearing vegetation on the mountain, according to the Appalachians Against Pipelines.

According to the group, the protester has been preventing working on the site since 6 a.m. Saturday.

“No prisons. No pipelines! I want to live in a world where people aren’t locked up. No one should be put in cage and separated from their community. It’s been a way the cops control black and brown people for as long as prisons have existed. Jails and violence are how the state represses people who are striving to create something better than the world we have. There are still people in jail in Atlanta after Stop Cop City protests, while the state is indicting dozens more. I’m fighting for a world where we can all be free,” the protester said.

The group said there’s also a support rally happening Saturday at the corner of Honeysuckle Road and Poor Mountain Road.

In June, the Supreme Court allowed construction to resume on the project after it had previously been blocked by 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Richmond. Since then, there have been several protests in opposition of construction of the pipeline.

Source: WSLS News 10

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