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Mount Airy, Millennium compete at Fisher River

DOBSON — Cross country season is in full stride for the Millennium Charter Lions and Mount Airy Granite Bears.

Thursday’s meet at Fisher River Park was Millennium’s third of the year and Mount Airy’s second. Both teams competed at Fisher River on Nov. 24, with East Surry and South Stokes serving as the two other participants.

North Stokes took the spot of East Surry this time around, and there were a pair of new winners.

South Stokes’ Cody Lawson won the boys race after coming in fifth in the pre-Thanksgiving meet. Lawson cut 41 seconds off his 5K time of 20:48.64 to win Thursday’s race at 20:07.12.

Lawson’s teammate Nathan Grogan was less than two seconds behind to take silver.

Mount Airy freshman Caden Ratcliff led the Granite Bears with a second-consecutive appearance on the podium. Ratcliff was eight seconds behind Grogan at 20:17.97.

North Stokes’ only participant in the boys race was freshman Seth Emory. Emory took fourth with a time of 20:28.73.

Rounding out the top five was Millennium junior Calvin Devore, who finished the 5000-meter run at 20:59.18.

South Stokes won the team competition as the only school to have each of its five fastest runners finish in the top 10. Point values for the team competition were adjusted since Emory didn’t have enough teammates to compete.

The Sauras won with finishes at 1, 2, 6, 7 and 8. MCA was next with finishes at 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12. Mount Airy took third with finishes at 3, 5, 14, 16 and 17.

Full boys results are below.

1. Cody Lawson SSHS 20:07.12

2. Nathan Grogan SSHS 20:09.02

3. Caden Ratcliff MAHS 20:17.97

4. Seth Emory NSHS 20:28.73

5. Calvin Devore MCA 20:59.18

6. Bryson Coleman MAHS 21:47.30

7. William Tilley SSHS 22:28.87

8. Austin Evans SSHS 22:30.50

9. Carson White SSHS 23:00.96

10. Hartley Devore MCA 23:05.86

11. Nicholas Johnson MCA 23:17.33

12. Ford Holmes MCA 23:18.27

13. Eric Sorrell MCA 23:48.71

14. Isaac Shipley MCA 25:19.26

15. Max Perry MAHS 25:50.65

16. Chris Rodriguez SSHS 25:54.86

17. Reid Perry MAHS 26:24.53

18. Parker Collins MAHS 26:51.10

19. Leo Chen MAHS 28:13.00

20. Connor Cagle SSHS 28:58.00

21. Jacob Reigle SSHS 28:59.00


North Stokes senior Rachel Overby took the gold medal in the girls race.

Overby was nearly 60 seconds ahead of the field with her 22:15.96 finish. In fact, the only other competitor to finish in less than 24 minutes was fellow Lady Viking Lydia Stevens at 23:09.84.

North would have been tough to beat in the team competition if it had enough participants. The third and final Viking, Alana Shaw, crossed the finish line at 27:08.15 to earn fifth.

Mount Airy’s Audrey Marion finished third in the race with a 5K time of 24:39.50. This was 37 seconds faster than her silver medal performance the week prior.

The first Saura to complete the girls race was sophomore Kera Simmons. Simmons took fourth with a time of 25:58.39.

Millennium did not have a competitor in the girls race.

By removing North Stokes’ three finishes for the team competition, South and Mount Airy actually tied with 28 points each.

The adjusted point values gave South finishes at 2, 4, 5, 8 and 9, and Mount Airy finishes at 1, 3, 6, 7 and 11.

Full girls results are below:

1. Rachel Overby NSHS 22:15.96

2. Lydia Stevens NSHS 23:09.84

3. Audrey Marion MAHS 24:39.50

4. Kera Simmons SSHS 25:58.39

5. Alana Shaw NSHS 27:08.15

6. Kancie Tate MAHS 27:18.29

7. Gwendolyn Amos-Wall SSHS 27:49.99

8. Alicia Rangel SSHS 29:39.24

9. Natalie Evans MAHS 31:31.36

10. Kylie James MAHS 31:33.12

11. Caitlyn Rogers SSHS 31:42.64

12. Brittany Johnson SSHS 32:11.30

13. Rylee Lawson SSHS 32:19.61

14. Alex Rose MAHS 32:29.73

15. Meghan Giller SSHS 39:59.27



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