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Mayor-elect injures leg in accident

Mount Airy’s mayor-elect has been injured in a freak accident that prevented him from attending a city council meeting Thursday night.

Jon Cawley, who won a hotly contested campaign for the municipality’s top elected post on Nov. 8, suffered the injury on Sunday, which involved a leg.

“He was at Lake Norman to winterize a camper,” Cawley’s campaign manager, Treva Kirkman, said Friday.

Cawley, who has served as a North Ward member of the Mount Airy Board of Commissioners since 2008, had parked his truck, not realizing it was still in gear.

As described by Kirkman, the vehicle began rolling at some point and Cawley subsequently became trapped underneath it during the incident in which the truck ran over his leg.

He remained trapped there for about 20 minutes until a neighbor approached and was able to drive the vehicle and free Cawley, according to Kirkman.

The city official received hospital treatment and was released. No bones were broken, although some swelling was evident.

Cawley could not be reached for comment Friday.

But Kirkman said he had learned that the veteran city official was feeling better, although complaining of back pain.

Thursday night’s meeting of the city commissioners was the first since last week’s municipal election — and Cawley’s absence was glaring.

“He was involved in an accident and he’s convalescing,” Mayor Ron Niland announced at the start of the session, asking everyone to keep Cawley in their prayers.

Cawley is scheduled to take office as mayor on Dec. 1.



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