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Local non-profit adopts Veterans that don’t get visitors on Christmas

Christmas is a time for family and celebration, but not everyone has someone to turn to for the holidays.

This Christmas marks the fourth year that the non-profit FRAME (family readiness and military ease) adopts a number of veterans who don’t receive visitors for the holiday.

“We are just here to make sure at least on Christmas day, we can try to brighten their day somewhat,” Rochelle Sibitzky, Founder of FRAME said.

This year, FRAME adopted 27 veterans and brought each one a gift. The non-profit also brings in others who served so they can talk to someone who understands what it was like to be in the military.

“So, we always make sure there’s a couple people here that if any of these guys want to have a chat, there’s people here that can honestly say, we’ve been here and done that,” Sibitzky said.

And for Tim Burton, a veteran, he said it’s nice to be thought of on Christmas.

”It is, yes, it is. Because I don’t have much family left. And I’m getting old, it’s just special what they do for you,” Burton said.

Bringing a smile to the veterans who get to celebrate Christmas.

“It’s a blast and some of them don’t remember we are here as soon as we leave, but we do, and if we can bring them joy for just 20 or 30 minutes on Christmas day, that’s exactly what we will do,” Sibitzky said.

Source: WSLS News 10

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