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Local fisherman catches big brook trout

Chris Hamilton, of Mount Airy, snagged a brook trout weighing nearly three pounds and longer than 18 inches, last week on the Ararat River.

“I was fishing with a 3-weight TFO flyrod, with Rio line, and a 6x leader. I was definitely not rigged up for a big fish,” he said. “I was using an artificial woolly bugger number 10, olive in color. After catching a few brook trout and a couple brown trout around 12 inches, I cast into the middle of fast water. I had a huge hit, and set up on what I believe to be a pretty big fish…I fought this brook trout for over 10 minutes on this light tackle rod. I knew that I had to wear out the fish before landing him.

“Another fisherman, Bill Anderson, showed up as I landed the fish. I was lucky because Bill had a net to measure the fish, and a scale to weigh the fish. This fish was over 18 inches, and weighed a whopping 2 pounds and 15 ounces. Definitely the largest brook trout I’ve ever laid eyes on and caught.”

While the state record for a brook trout is more than 7 pounds, Hamilton said this one put up a huge fight. After weighing and measuring the fish, he set it free to fight another day.

“Thanks to Bill Anderson for showing up and helping with the weight and measurement. It was a pleasure to meet Bill,” Hamilton said.



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