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Local congressman discusses impeachment inquiry into President Biden

House Republicans’ months-long investigation into President Joe Biden is now backed by a vote for a formal impeachment inquiry.

Congressman Ben Cline who is on the House Judicial Committee said the impeachment inquiry was an important step in following and uncovering the facts.

Republicans said the formal impeachment inquiry gives them more power to force the Biden family and other officials to share documents and answer questions on their terms.

The Republicans’ investigation focuses on the president’s son, Hunter Biden, and his business dealings abroad — accusing him of profiting off the family name while Joe Biden was vice president.

Congressman Cline said if it is found that the president benefited from a pay-to-play system set up by his family and received funding from agents of foreign governments, it would be concerning.

Cline said, we need to be thinking of Americans first, not foreign countries or the almighty dollar.

“It will give the courts the authority to demand from the Biden administration the documents that Congress has requested. We are an equal branch of government, so it’s important that we get that recognition and get those documents so that we can follow the facts wherever they lead, as a member of the Judiciary Committee, that’s what I’ll be doing,” Republican Congressman Ben Cline said.

Democratic Congressman Adam Schiff said in contrast, the Democratic party also did a thorough investigation.

“We waited until the evidence was ripe even to begin a formal inquiry and we see none of that happening here. This is an impeachment in search of a reason for being. It is an impeachment with a target, but no evidence of high crime or misdemeanor,” California Democratic Congressman, Adam Schiff said.

So far, Republicans have been unable to publicly demonstrate any concrete evidence of misconduct by the president.

Source: WSLS News 10

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