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'Lewis,' Target's hot new Halloween decoration, goes viral thanks to mysterious catchphrase

(NEXSTAR) – Like every good horror villain, Target’s hot new Halloween decoration is mysterious, imposing and absolutely insistent on repeating a ridiculous catchphrase.

“Lewis,” as he’s been named by his manufacturer, is an 8-foot light-up Halloween decoration with the face of a jack-o’-lantern and a hooded, tattered robe. He’s also capable of saying several prerecorded catchphrases — and one, in particular, has catapulted him to viral stardom.

“I am not a jack-o’-lantern,” he states firmly. “My name is Lewis.”

Lewis has now become the star of dozens, if not hundreds of TikTok videos with millions upon millions of combined views. Many users are also filming their own trips to Target to see — and hear — Lewis for themselves.

“This feels like meeting a celebrity,” one user wrote of her trip.

“I love his sass,” another TikTok commenter said of Lewis’ voice.

Some have also documented Lewis’ other sayings, which include “I’m so happy you could carve out some time to come out tonight” and “I fear nothing night or day, except a strong breeze to make me sway.”

Target sign
Target debuted its “Lewis” Halloween decoration late last month, and already he’s a TikTok star. (Getty Images)

Target has revealed few details about Lewis’ lore or origin story other than that he was made specifically for Target’s Hyde & EEK! Boutique line.

“Lewis is new this year, and — like all of our Hyde & EEK! Boutique items — was created by Target’s internal product design team,” a representative for Target wrote in an email shared with Nexstar.

Target did not provide any additional information on how Lewis’ catchphrase came about or why this pumpkin-headed ghoul seems to be having an identity crisis.

These details don’t appear to matter, though. Target shoppers are embracing Lewis wholeheartedly. He’s also sold out on despite his $180 price tag. (Target did not confirm when or if Lewis would be restocked, but said shoppers may still be able to find him for sale in “select” stores.)

Those who can’t get their hands on Lewis, meanwhile, will simply have to be content to find him on display at their local Target.

“If you know me, you know I rarely go into stores,” one Twitter user wrote last week. “But I think I need to go to Target so I can see the Lewis O’Lantern for myself.”

Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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