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'It hasn't stopped us yet': Nashville bachelorettes keep the party going despite freezing temperatures

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – If anyone thought snow and below-freezing temperatures would stop the party, they never met Nashville bachelorettes.

Wooing and dancing like it isn’t less than 20 degrees in Music City, bachelorettes were faced with the choice this weekend of either canceling their flights, AirBnBs and activities they’ve planned for months, or to keep on despite the frigid conditions.

“That was our main goal. Just get out of the driveway without sliding,” said bride-to-be Alanna Gordon.

Donning cowboy hats, matching pink t-shirts and black sashes, Gordon and her friends and family kept their plans on Friday, January 19 to hop onto one of Nashville’s infamous party buses.

“We were a little panicked, but so far everything has still been great. It hasn’t stopped us yet,” Gordon said.

The group came from Lexington, South Carolina and said they aren’t used to the snow or freezing conditions. Gordon said her fiancé was unsure why she decided to keep her plans and trade a weekend of 40 and 50-degree temperatures for a city experiencing lows in the single digits.

“He thinks we are nuts. He thinks we are crazy for being here. He was like, ‘Y’all are still going?’ And we were like, ‘Yes, we are going to go and enjoy it,'” Gordon said.

Gordon was one of four tour groups keeping their plans to go on Upstage Party Bus on Friday, which surprised driver Olivia Jones.

“I could never imagine myself booking something like this in the dead of winter, but people are having a blast doing it. At least this way they are not getting overheated like they would in the summertime,” Jones said.

She also applauded Nashville for it’s well-treated and clear downtown roads.

“Downtown and Broadway are actually really, really clear. I know some of the turning lanes are a little bit icy, some of the side roads…but really downtown was great,” she said.

As for Gordon and her weekend plans, she said the only thing that can stop them is a lack of access to alcohol and the inability to get a rideshare to Broadway at night.

Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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