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How to Make Your Own At-Home Preparedness Kit

Preparedness starts with you. In emergencies, help will be on the way from a wide range of agencies. Disaster often involves many people needing help; however, it may take time for response agencies to get to you. Until they can arrive, it is important for you and your family to be self-sustaining for a short duration of time. This is where having your own At-Home Preparedness Kit can help.

An At-Home Preparedness Kit is a container or area that contains essential items to keep you fed, hydrated, healthy, and safe until help can arrive. Your kit should contain items like:

· Clean Water (7-Day Supply; Bottled, if Water Source is Contaminated)

· Non-Perishable Food (7-Day Supply)

· Phone Charger/Rechargeable Battery Pack

· Generator/Back-Up Power Supply

· Hygiene Materials (7-Day Supply)

· First Aid Kit (Bleeding Control, Disinfectants, etc.)

· Medications (General and Prescription)

· Flashlight w/ Extra Batteries

· Whistle

· Masks, Gloves, & Similar Items

· Manual Can Opener

· Battery Powered Radio w/ AM Channels

You don’t need a fancy or expensive bag to store everything in. For larger families, this may not even be possible. Having your kit in a closet or chest in a secure area, such as a storm shelter or basement, can also work. These kits can also be useful during extended quarantines as well.



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