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Horne Creek’s annual apple tree sale starts Saturday

PINNACLE – The Annual Fall Heirloom Apple Tree sale at Horne Creek Farm will begin on Saturday, Sept. 16 starting at 9 a.m., and continue on, Tuesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. each day throughout the autumn until all trees are sold.

Horne Creek’s Southern Heritage Apple Orchard has plenty of apple varieties to choose from — Blacktwig, Jonalicious, Virginia Beauty and multiple selections from the Limbertwig family. Jason Bowen, the site’s horticulturist, will be available to provide information on what varieties are good for cooking, making apple butter, or cider, and other uses.

The rootstocks that cuttings from an apple tree are grafted onto determines the size trees that one ends up with. For the fall sale, the site is offering trees on M7 and MM111 rootstock. Both of these rootstocks were developed in England. M7 produces a semi-dwarf tree which will reach a mature height of 14 – 16 feet, depending on how it is pruned. Bearing age for fruit is typically three to five years. The tree does not need to be staked and should be planted a minimum of 12 feet apart. MM111 produces a semi-dwarf tree which will grow to 15 – 25 feet, depending on how it is pruned. It typically takes five to seven years, sometimes more, for the trees to bear fruit. The tree is free-standing and should be planted a minimum of 18 feet apart.

Dwarf trees will be offered at the site’s annual Arbor Day Apple Tree sale in the spring.

As an added bonus for all the fruit enthusiasts, the site will be selling three varieties of heirloom peach trees — Elberta, Belle of Georgia, and Indian Cling — as well as Kieffer pear trees.

The cost of apple trees will be $22.50 each, while peach and pear trees will be $15 each. Payment can be made by credit card, debit card, check, or cash.

This program is sponsored by the site’s non-profit North Carolina Living Historical Farm Committee Inc. Money generated from the sale of the apple trees will help with the upkeep of the Southern Heritage Apple Orchard, while the income from the sale of the peach trees will be used for the Hauser Orchard.

Call 336-325-2298 for more information or directions to the site.

Horne Creek Living Historical Farm is located at 308 Horne Creek Farm Rd. in Pinnacle. To reach the site, take the Pinnacle Exitm #129, off US Hwy 52 and follow the state historic signs.



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