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Hilda’s Place: Hope for the Holidays

The Hope for the Holidays concert series culminates in Hilda’s Place Second Annual Holiday Fundraiser to be held Sunday, Dec. 18, at Hilda’s Place located at 127 W. Main St., Suite B, in Pilot Mountain. The performance space is located above Yadkin Valley Tea Trade and doors will open for this holiday show at 5 p.m. for the performance that starts at 6 p.m.

The show is being touted as an intergenerational event by Hilda Willis, owner and proprietor of Hilda’s Place said. A show that is featuring festive holiday music and songs of faith for the holiday season. Willis has two local performers that have graced her stage before in Betty Tilley and Kinston Nichols. Tilley was the oldest performer and Nichols the youngest of her “Living Your Arts Showcase,” Willis said.

Part of the mission of Hilda’s Place is to give performers and artists a place to display their talents for the community. She said her slice of the arts scene in the Yadkin Valley is “A space where arts and community come together to celebrate life and liberty.”

Through the arts she said folks can find a way to get reconnected to one another after an extended period of isolation due to the pandemic. People need to feel the bonds of humanity again she said and the arts “are one of the few places we can co-exist and have a real human connection,” Willis said.

“It is a great place to fellowship and get to know each other in a real way with no pretension,” she said. She hopes those who go to enjoy the show can leave some of the weight of the outside world at the door.

“Hilda is a phenomenal woman. She is very talented and has brought art to our small town that it had not had before,” Tilley said. “It is important to have art and music in our society. It helps us cope with everyday life.”

“Hilda’s Place has been where we can go and express ourselves through art and singing which we need be able to do that in our small town,” she said. “Hilda has made that possible.”

Willis said the arts can help people learn to reengage after time apart and the isolation of the COVID-19 era. She acknowledged that so many folks now are tethered to a screen, but she has faith that good music and fellowship can help cut the cord. “I don’t agree that our attention span is thirty minutes.”

Nichols said he feels excited to get to perform again at Hilda’s Place where he feels great comfort with the stage and with Willis herself. He recalls his father Brad took him to meet Hilda Willis when he was just 10 or 11 years old, “We just got to talking. She was just so sweet.”

From there the connection was made and he has been going back to delight audiences and hone his performing chops. Nichols said there was no doubt that knowing her and performing at Hilda’s Place “has definitely helped me grow as a performer.”

“Come on out, it’s going to be a good show,” he said ahead of the weekend’s performance. “It’s going to be good because everything Hilda puts on is great.”

Tilley said she is ready to hit the stage. “I have my song set ready, one of my favorite songs I will be performing is ‘Oh Holy Night.’ This would be a great time for folks to come out and enjoy songs of the season. There is no charge, and the donations would be welcome to help with our charities.”

“What we do now matters forever. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a connection, or share your energy with someone,” Willis said because life is too short and over the last couple of years so much time was taken from everyone.

Donations will be accepted for this pay what you can fundraiser that will raise money for It’s Just Us in the Community, AbolitionNC, and the Children’s Center of Northwest North Carolina.

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