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Here’s how you can explore Virginia’s fall foliage

The Virginia Department of Forestry is offering a way for nature lovers to take in the beauty of Virginia’s fall foliage.

VDOF is recommending Fall Foliage Driving Tours with locations across Virginia. Each tour provides directions for finding the best spots for vibrant foliage.

“Virginia’s abundant hardwood forests provide weeks of beautiful foliage viewing this time of year,” said State Forester Rob Farrell. “The local roads that make up the fall foliage tour were suggested by long-time Forestry staff for consistent, beautiful autumn scenery year after year.”

The driving tours are based on data that VDOF collected on the best places and times to see the most vibrant foliage across the state.

VDOF says that in late September, vibrant foliage begins in the highest elevations of Southwest Virginia and the Alleghanies, and then travels to lower elevations in October.

The map provides tours for counties in our region, including:

  • Franklin County
  • Bedford County
  • Highland County
  • Craig County
  • Bath County

According to VDOF, the best foliage comes from summer rain followed by bright, sunny days and cool, clear nights. Healthy trees show the most vibrant foliage, while stressed trees tend to turn brown.

To learn more about Virginia’s fall foliage, visit the VDOF website.

Source: WSLS News 10

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