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Hand made crafts to be on exhibit at museum

The word “hand-made” means many things to different people? A special garment or quilt, a piece of furniture someone crafted themselves, or even a painting or drawing perhaps? For many, things made by hand are a treasure, they demonstrate a skill that had to be learned and perfected, and they may even be prized processions we hope to share with others.

That will be the focus of a new exhibit at the Mount Airy Museum of Regional History, when The Piedmont Craftsmen: 60 Years of Fine Craft, part 1 opens on Friday. This exhibit is a collection of work that spans from the group’s founding in 1963 through 1993. These formative years brought a variety of ideas and styles to the art of fine craft. They are sure to be nostalgic for some, and perhaps a new inspiration for others.

The Piedmont Craftsmen are a Winston-Salem based organization that represents nearly 400 artists nationwide today, and these artists work in a wide array of mediums. Pottery, jewelry making, woodworking, painting, textiles work, print making, and glassblowing are just a few of the crafts and trades in which these artists specialize. This exhibit will show a wide array of work, and many art pieces will be available to purchase during the exhibit.

“Whether hand-made means unique pieces of art, connecting with your culture and history, or just appreciating that someone is keeping a skill and trade alive, we hope everyone can enjoy this fantastic display,” museum officials said of the upcoming exhibit. “The exhibit will on run through Oct. 27 so we encourage everyone to come and enjoy before it leaves. The ‘part two’ of their 60 Years of Fine Craft will be on display August of 2024 featuring artist members from 1994 to the present.”

For more information about the exhibit contact the museum at 336-786-4478 or visit 301 N. Main St.



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