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Groundhog Day 2023: How to watch live from home

The Groundhog Day special, including Phil’s prediction, will be live-streamed here beginning at 7 a.m (ET). on Thursday, Feb. 2

PUNXSUTAWNEY, Pa. (WTAJ) — Six more weeks of winter or an early spring? Punxsutawney Phil will make his prediction Thursday morning at Gobbler’s Knob.

As Bill Murray once said, “Well, it’s Groundhog Day…again,” but at least you don’t have to risk being snowed in at a Punxsutawney bed and breakfast this year.

Weathering the cold for you, Chief Meteorologist Joe Murgo will join morning news anchor Jordan Tracy at Gobbler’s Knob live on Feb. 2 for WTAJ’s special “Groundhog Day: Out of the Shadows.”

Phil did see his shadow in 2022, giving us six more weeks of winter. It marked the 107th time the seer of seers has seen his shadow since the tradition began in 1887.

In 2021, The Inner Circle had to close off Gobbler’s Knob to protect Punxsutawney Phil from COVID-19. When fans were allowed back in 2022, two big-time Phil fans decided it was the perfect place to tie the knot and get married under the stars.

The festivities really exploded worldwide after the release of ‘Groundhog Day’ starring Bill Murray and Andie MacDowell in 1993. The event would see around 5,000 people attending to now nearly 35,000 people since the movie debuted 30 years ago.

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    Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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