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Give Roanoke returns for another 24 hours of giving to nonprofits

If you’re looking to lend a helping hand, Give Roanoke Day is back.

On Wednesday, you’ll have 24 hours to donate to your favorite nonprofit.

The Council of Community Services has hosted Give Roanoke for three years and said about 100 organizations are registered, including the Roanoke Valley SPCA, Kids Soar and Carilion Children’s.

“Give Roanoke is important because it’s a 24-hour period that anyone can access giving easily within the community. There’s a buzz around it. People want to know what they can do to help, and it’s just some excitement about giving back to local organizations,” said Chief Operating Officer Alison Jorgensen with the Council of Community Services.

The Council of Community Services is also seeking donations. The organization provides housing and homeless services. It also has several health services from HIV to harm reduction. The Council of Community Services said that it will use the funds to help supplement where grants don’t help to cover the services.

Another organization that is participating in Give Roanoke is the Grandin Theatre Foundation. The group is seeking about $10,000 for its film lab, is an after-school program for high school kids interested in screenwriting and production. About 18 to 20 kids are currently in the program. They have been recognized by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences and the students have had films in about 50 festivals.

“In the campaigns that I’ve done since we’ve been here, we always exceed our goals, and I think that really speaks highly about how this community feels about this building. This is a cultural icon in our region. So, the Grandin Theatre is one of those places that people hold in the highest regard, and we hold it in the highest regard as well,” said Executive Director Ian Fortier with the Grandin Theatre Foundation.

Source: WSLS News 10

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