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Gentry Middle School holds Patriot Games

Gentry Middle School recently held an event called the Patriot Games. Teacher Jonathan Phillips described the games as “an academic decathlon that integrated core and encore classes.”

In a year where school has been more different than ever, wearing masks and maintaining a distance of 6 feet has made student activities, communication, and socializing a challenge. Staff member Natalie Badgett casually mentioned to a colleague that she missed the noise and laughter of energetic students in the hallways. According to a statement released by Gentry representatives, students have been excellent in following CDC and Surry County guidelines and the event was intended to reward them for this behavior.

Media Specialist Stephanie Bode says that Phillips came up with the idea of Patriot Games. And while she, Phillips, and Badgett brainstormed ideas for the game stations, she says she appreciates how all the Encore teachers pulled together to create the events for the students to complete.

“The games were a great opportunity for our students to momentarily break away from blended learning to enjoy the outdoors,” Phillips said.

The games (or stations) were created in compliance with the CDC guidelines. “We kept 6 feet apart and wore masks at all times. Only one student completed an event at a time with proper cleaning between each grade level,” Badgett said. “The Patriot Games proved to the kids that during these difficult times we can still have fun.”



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