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Foothills 2A Conference holds first meet

The first-ever Foothills 2A Conference Cross Country meet took place Thursday at Mount Airy’s Veterans Memorial Park.

All seven schools in the conference, including three Surry County schools, sent representatives to the meet. Members include: Surry Central, North Surry, East Surry, Forbush, Wilkes Central, North Wilkes and West Wilkes.

Runners from Surry Central took home the top prizes in both the boys and girls 5,000-meter races. The Golden Eagles also won the girls team competition, while the boys did not have enough runners to qualify as a team.

Surry Central sophomore Ignacio Morales took home the gold medal in the boys race by a wide margin. Morales was the only one of 33 male competitors to crack the 18-minute mark with a time of 17:58.2.

Another local runner on the boys podium was East Surry senior Cooper Motsinger. Motsinger took third in the race with a time of 19:04.2. He also helped East Surry finish second overall as a team behind Wilkes Central.

North Surry’s top boys finisher was junior Ray Pell. Pell took ninth place overall and fifth in the team competition with a time of 20:48.1.

The team competition is scored based on the finish of a school’s top five times. The only teams to receive points are those that have at least five runners. For example, although Wilkes Central’s Quinn Pyke finished second overall in the boys race, he earned points for a first-place finish in the team competition since Surry Central didn’t have enough runners to qualify as a team.

Wilkes Central won the boys team competition with 21 overall points (1, 3, 4, 6, 7). East Surry was next with 44 points (2, 9, 10, 11, 12) followed by North Surry in third with 62 points (5, 8, 13, 17, 19).

The following teams did not have enough runners to be scored: Surry Central, North Wilkes, Forbush, West Wilkes.

Full boys results are below:

1 Ignacio Morales 17:58.2 Surry Central

2 Quinn Pyke 18:33.9 Wilkes Central

3 Cooper Motsinger 19:04.2 East Surry

4 Braeden Foster 19:15.9 North Wilkes

5 Sean Wilson 19:46.0 Wilkes Central

6 Brangly Mazariegos 20:02.7 Surry Central

7 Christian Furno 20:18.8 Forbush

8 Kaleb Thornton 20:37.7 Wilkes Central

9 Ray Pell 20:48.1 North Surry

10 Gavyn Stone 20:59.4 Wilkes Central

11 Jonah Keen 21:02.0 Forbush

12 Drake Redmon 21:02.1 Wilkes Central

13 Mitch Adams 21:34.8 North Wilkes

14 Miguel Vega 21:50.4 North Surry

15 Charles Talton 21:53.1 East Surry

16 Drake Parker 21:53.9 Forbush

17 Dylan Myers 22:39.6 East Surry

18 Wesley Furr 23:03.6 West Wilkes

19 Isaiah Lewczyk 23:13.0 West Wilkes

20 Austin Renegar 24:12.1 East Surry

21 Nicholas Boggs 24:13.4 East Surry

22 Stephen Mojica 24:15.3 North Surry

23 Isaiah Preslar 24:20.7 Forbush

24 Nick Hall 24:29.0 Wilkes Central

25 Hayden Douglas 26:19.6 East Surry

26 Gabe Brock 27:28.2 Wilkes Central

27 Alexander Kaufhold 27:35.5 North Surry

28 Sam Benson 31:10.2 East Surry

29 Brandon Denton 31:23.1 East Surry

30 Ethan Calhoun 31:55.8 North Surry

31 Kaiden Edgar 36:19.0 East Surry

32 Connor Burgess 38:03.8 West Wilkes

33 Joseph Boggs 39:36.4 East Surry

Surry Central’s girls occupied two spaces on the final podium to help the Lady Golden Eagles when the team competition. Sophomore Yeira Munoz won the race with a time of 22:33.4 and was quickly followed by her freshman teammate Rubi Cortes-Rosa at 22:37.7.

Just behind Cortes-Rosa was Wilkes Central’s Faith Reeves at 22:40.3.

North Surry’s top finisher in the girls race was senior Callie Allen. Allen finished just off the podium in fifth place with a time of 23:22.1.

The East Surry runner with the best time in the girls race was freshman Addison Goins, who finished 12th with a time of 25.48.4.

Surry Central’s girls won the team competition with 26 total points (1, 2, 5, 7, 11). Wilkes Central finished second with 37 points (3, 4, 6, 8, 16), and East Surry finished third with 65 points (9, 10, 14, 15, 17).

The following teams did not have enough runners to be scored: North Surry, North Wilkes, Forbush, West Wilkes.

Full girls results are below:

1 Yeira Munoz 22:30.4 Surry Central

2 Rubi Cortes-Rosa 22:37.7 Surry Central

3 Faith Reeves 22:40.3 Wilkes Central

4 Peyton Gage 23:10.8 Wilkes Central

5 Callie Allen 23:22.1 North Surry

6 Abigail Hernandez 23:25.1 Surry Central

7 Weatherly Reeves 23:44.2 North Surry

8 Ari Redies 24:11.9 Wilkes Central

9 Lanie Fitzgerald 24:31.0 Surry Central

10 Natalie Mathis 24:41.1 North Wilkes

11 Isabelle Curry 24:58.7 Wilkes Central

12 Addison Goins 25:48.4 East Surry

13 Lorena Mendoza 25:53.9 Forbush

14 Joanna Parker 26:06.6 East Surry

15 Andrea Gonzalez 26:24.5 Surry Central

16 Wendy Cantor 27:41.2 Surry Central

17 Anna Whitaker 28:39.5 North Surry

18 Aylin Soto 28:53.8 Surry Central

19 Kamryn Talton 30:12.6 East Surry

20 Morgan Bryant 30:41.0 East Surry

21 Krissa Whalen 32:11.1 West Wilkes

22 Nydia Cabrera 32:20.4 North Surry

23 Yasmin Perez 32:20.9 Wilkes Central

24 Mady Hoover 32:59.8 West Wilkes

25 Grace Strader 39:00.9 East Surry



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