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Farm Fest brings music, food, farm life to Main Street

Mayberry Farm Fest and requisite tractor parade were held in downtown Mount Airy over the weekend bringing out crowds to Main Street for shopping and a glimpse at some aspects of farm life.

The event brought folks to downtown Mount Airy to walk amongst more than 30 craft vendors selling quilts, pottery goods, local food, and also the regular street food fare one may expect at a downtown Mount Airy event – yes, ground steak sandwiches included.

The event is meant to showcase some aspect of farm life but is also a good excuse for vendors to dust off their selling skills, for some will be back to display their wares again during Autumn Leaves Festival.

Music is a big part of Surry County life, and farm life. To entertain The Whitetop Mountain Band and The Twin Creek String Band both played for crowds downtown who kept their eyes on the sky to see if the rain had plans to shorten their fun or time dancing.

HDK Ranch of Jonesville brought the animals and set up a petting zoo for the little ones. The pony rides have a tendency to split the middle with some kids elated to see a pony and others screaming in abject terror.

For some, even though they live in this area, they have no exposure to farm life so Mayberry Farm Fest is a chance to experience aspects of it.

There are few cities which can offer a weekend option where someone can shop a craft fair, hear live old time music, see a tractor parade, a beekeepers’ exhibit, or speak with Master Gardeners before participating in a watermelon seed spitting contest.

Such is the Mount Airy experience however, and it is one that evolves throughout the year with differing types of events that welcome more people in to this community while remembering this region’s past and identity.



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