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Binny, the trash-can mascot of the Disney World drinking club, has disappeared

(NEXSTAR) – One person’s trash is another group’s beloved mascot, apparently.

A group of Disney World fans belonging to the unofficial Disney Day Drinkers Club have lost their silly mascot — a trash can nicknamed “Binny” — after staffers at Walt Disney World seemingly removed it from its longtime spot at Epcot last week.

The Disney Day Drinkers Club, also known as Club D3, was founded in 2021 to bring together Disney fans who shared a love for the park and (as the club’s name would suggest) alcoholic beverages.

“We were coming out of COVID, so we were drinking around the World [Pavillion],” Club D3 founder and president Skip Sher told Nexstar. “We were just having fun, and we thought, this [trash can] would be fun to have as a mascot.”

At the time, restrictions on indoor capacities forced the group’s first members to congregate outside, often around something that had a hard, flat surface to rest their beverages on.

“So that’s why the trash can made sense,” Sher said.

One of the group’s members, a priest, even blessed the trash can during a meet-up — albeit with Smithwick’s instead of holy water.

Since then, Binny the trash can (who is “always trashed”) has been one of the club’s most popular members. Fans belonging to the club’s Facebook group (which boasts 85,000 members) also post photos of themselves with Binny when they’re not organizing meet-ups or sharing cocktail recipes.

A member of the Disney Day Drinkers Club poses with Binny. (Skip Sher)

Then, one day, Binny wasn’t there.

In September 2023, Sher said the trash can was suddenly removed from its longtime spot in front of the Rose & Crown at the United Kingdom pavilion and placed across the street. The Wall Street Journal, which recently reported on Binny’s disappearance, said staffers were forced to move the trash can because it was causing crowds and becoming a safety hazard, citing a Disney spokesperson.

Some members were a little miffed, of course, but Sher said there wasn’t much of a controversy at the time. And there certainly wasn’t any “feud” with Disney, despite reports to the contrary.

“I’m not sure it was intentional,” he said. “You know, Disney moves things around. It’s Disney’s property. … Maybe they didn’t know the significance of the trash can for the club.”

In any case, Sher said he never asked Disney to put Binny back. But about three weeks ago, the group’s beloved trash-scot suddenly reappeared. And members were able to confirm it was the same Binny by its recognizable scratches and rivets.

“People were immediately making plane reservations, and they wanted a picture with the original Binny,” Sher claims.

Only about a week later, however, Binny was gone again. But this time, most of the members were unfazed.

“Some people were really passionate about it … we had to kick a few people out [of the Facebook group],” according to Sher. Otherwise, it wasn’t that big of a deal, he said.

Now, Sher is hoping the club’s members — and the media — start focusing on the reasons he started the group in the first place. He’s also keen to keep up the group’s charitable efforts, including a recent fundraiser which gathered $7,000 for the Kellsie’s Hope childhood cancer foundation, and meet-ups where members donate back-to-school items.

“We’re a positive group,” he says. “It’s really about the friendships. And the drinks and the bartenders.”

The club’s Facebook group has around 85,000 members. (Skip Sher)

A representative for Walt Disney World did not respond to Nexstar’s request for comment on Friday. But Sher told Nexstar he harbors no ill will. The park has already provided so many memories for the club, and Disney World doesn’t need to provide an explanation.

“I would love to hear from them,” he said. “But my biggest thing is, you know, we love Disney. We’re big fans. … And there is absolutely zero feud.”

Source: Fox 8 News Channel

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