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Bedford County woman speaks out after spike in power bill

Photo of electric bill provided by Kelli Wingo

Photo of electric bill provided by Kelli Wingo

A Bedford County woman is speaking out after seeing a spike in her daughter’s electric bill. She said the bill increased, sometimes doubling or even tripling.

“I was furious,” Kelli Wingo, who lives in Goodview, said.

She never thought she would see the day the electric bill would go beyond $1,000.

“It was $1,073, and then it went up to $1,117, and now it’s $1,453,” Wingo said.

Wingo is concerned because, like many people who have seen an increase in their bills, she decided to reduce power usage and use a chargeable light bulb.

Wingo said despite the reduction in usage, her bill still went up.

“$1,400 plus a mortgage is ridiculous — $2,400 dollars in two months, I could a lot with instead of paying AEP,” she said. “It concerns me about everyone. I have a heart, AEP doesn’t.”

Wingo signed an online petition, and many others are also concerned about the increase in power bills.

She’s hoping political leaders can step in to help.

“I called the governor’s office, I will make a trip to Richmond if need be because it’s not right, is it going to take someone to die before AEP wakes up,” Wingo said.

10 News reached out to an AEP Spokesperson and told us there are two factors for the increase in bills.

The first is related to two rate increases in the fall, and the other is the cold snap in late December.

10 News also reached out to Attorney General Jason Miyares’ office. A spokesperson sent 10 News a statement saying, “Last year, our office argued on behalf of rate payers before the State Corporation Commission and the State Supreme Court against Appalachian Power’s (APCo) proposed rate increases, but ultimately the Court ruled in favor of APCo, allowing them to increase their base rates.”

However, Wingo will continue to fight to make sure the lights can stay on.

“It’s scary, we can’t pay the $1,400 straight up — something has to be done,” Wingo said. “We’re going to lose Virginians because of these high electric bills.”

Source: WSLS News 10

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