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1A/2A Swim Championship Results

CARY — Local swimmers competed in the 1A/2A State Championship on Feb. 8-9 at the Triangle Aquatic Center, and the Elkin High School girls messed around and got a triple-double…kind of.

In basketball, a triple-double occurs when a player records reaches double figures in three of the five major statistical categories: points, rebounds, assists, steals or blocks.

No such accomplishment officially exists in swimming, and the title of Double Triple Crown is already taken in the sport; the title refers to swimmers that complete a famous trio of outdoor marathon swims twice.

The Elkin girls may have just invented a triple-double in swimming by winning all three state relay titles for the second consecutive season. Elkin captured 1A/2A State Chamionships in the 200-Yard Freestyle and 400-Yard Freestyle Relays in both 2022 and 2023, and actually won the 200-Yard Medley Relay State Title in each of the past three seasons.

A double-triple might make more sense. However, not only is it already taken in the sport, but it doesn’t allow for a reference to the modern poet Ice Cube. One might justify they won “triple” titles in two, or double, years.

The Buckin’ Elks’ 200 medley relay and 200 freestyle relay teams has consisted of the same four swimmers for each state championship: Amelia Presley, Mattie Wells, Morgan Wiles and Sophie Welborn. Sedessa Hatcher joined the 400 freestyle relay team this season to win with Welborn, Wiles and Presley.

Presley was also named the recipient of the NCHSAA’s 2023 Sportsmanship Award.

Elkin’s girls finished with eight medals at the meet, helping the school finish 1A/2A State Runner-up in the team competition. The only team ahead of the Buckin’ Elk girls was 2A Lincoln Charter.

Surry County’s fourth state champion swimmer also came from Elkin as Marshall Wells won the Boys 100 Breaststroke State Championship. Marshall captured his first individual state title and his second overall, having previously been part of the 200 freestyle relay team that won the state championship in 2022.

Surry County swimmers finished with 11 medals. Elkin had eight girls and one boys medal, while Mount Airy’s Matheson Williams won two silver medals. Williams finished second in the 200 individual medley and 100 backstroke.

The Northwest 1A Conference boasted another swimmer from outside Surry Co. that won a pair of medals. Starmount’s Peyton Ponce de Leon finished second in the 100 butterfly and third in the 100 backstroke.

Local swimmers finished just outside the top four in seven events.

In the girls’ competition: Surry Central’s Mallory Cave finished fifth in the 200 freestyle, North Surry’s Kara Bryant finished fifth in the 100 butterfly and 100 backstroke, and East Surry’s 200 freestyle relay team finished sixth. Making up the Cards’ 200 freestyle relay team was: Ilihanie Caro, Kaci Collins, Kennedy Cook and Claire Hull.

For the boys: North Surry’s Jackson Graves finished sixth in the 100 backstroke, while Elkin’s 200 medley relay and 200 freestyle relay teams finished sixth as well. Both Buckin’ Elk relay teams consisted the same four swimmers: Henry Snyder, Marshall Wells, Troy Snow and Luke McComb.

Full results for local swimmers are listed below by event. Swimmers that have a ‘(P)’ next to their name competed in the preliminary round only and finished No. 17-No. 24. Preliminary races were held for every race except the 500 freestyle.

The top eight preliminary times advanced to the championship race, while spots 9-16 competed in the consolation finals. If a swimmer finished first in the consolation finals, the highest overall spot they could finish in the standings is No. 9. Because of this, some 9-16 consolation finals times may be faster than some 1-8 finals times.

Girls 200 medley relay

1. Elkin 1:48.92: Amelia Presley, Mattie Wells, Morgan Wiles, Sophie Welborn

(P) East Surry 2:10.80: Kennedy Cook, Aby Caro, Haley Joyce, Ilhanie Caro

Boys 200 medley relay

6. Elkin 1:43.91: Henry Snyder, Marshall Wells, Troy Snow, Luke McComb

(P) East Surry 1:54.15: Aiden Richardson, Colby Goins, Andrew Needham, Gavin Atkins

(P) North Surry 1:56.40: Jackson Graves, Konnor Mauldin, Javier Villalon-Lopez, Jordan Inman

Girls 200 freestyle

5. Mallory Cave, Surry Central, 1:59.30

12. Kaci Collins, East Surry, 2:11.08

(P) Kennedy Cook, East Surry, 2:21.14

Boys 200 freestyle

(P) Brayden Lapham, West Stokes, 1:58.92

Girls 200 individual medley

9. Claire Hull, East Surry, 2:21.70

Boys 200 individual medley

5. Matheson Williams, Mount Airy, 1:59.70

16. Andrew Needham, East Surry, 2:13.59

Girls 50 freestyle

10. Mattie Wells, Elkin, 25.81

(P) Ilihanie Caro, East Surry, 27.48

Boys 50 freestyle

11. Troy Snow, Elkin, 22.85

(P) Jackson Graves, North Surry, 23.57

Girls 100 butterfly

2. Morgan Wiles, Elkin, 1:10.11

5. Kara Bryant, North Surry, 1:10.11

Boys 100 butterfly

2. Peyton Ponce de Leon, Starmount, 50.25

11. Andrew Needham, East Surry, 56.52

Girls 100 freestyle

2. Sophie Welborn, Elkin, 52.85

Girls 500 freestyle (no prelims)

7. Mallory Cave, Surry Central, 5:32.49

15. Haley Joyce, East Surry, 5:49.92

19. Kaci Collins, East Surry, 5:58.12

Boys 500 freestyle (no prelims)

15. Brayden Lapham, West Stokes, 5:30.83

23. Aiden Richardson, East Surry, 5:43.75

Girls 200 freestyle relay

1. Elkin 1:40.39: Amelia Presley, Mattie Wells, Morgan Wiles, Sophie Welborn

6. East Surry 1:49.20: Ilihanie Caro, Kaci Collins, Kennedy Cook, Claire Hull

Boys 200 freestyle relay

6. Elkin 1:34.04: Troy Snow, Henry Snyder, Luke McComb, Marshall Wells

14. West Stokes 1:41.19: Griffin Sparks, Luke Nickless, Matthew Howell, Brayden Lapham

(P) Mount Airy 1:41.81: Matheson Williams, Noah Moore, John Stafford, Hayden Bender

Girls 100 backstroke

2. Amelia Presley, Elkin, 58.19

5. Kara Bryant, North Surry, 1:01.88

Boys 100 backstroke

2. Matheson Williams, Mount Airy, 54.16

3. Peyton Ponce de Leon, Starmount, 54.32

6. Jackson Graves, North Surry, 56.32

(P) Henry Snyder, Elkin, 1:03.30

Girls 100 breaststroke

3. Sedessa Hatcher, Elkin, 1:10.51

4. Mattie Wells, Elkin, 1:10.84

14. Claire Hull, East Surry, 1:15.93

Boys 100 breaststroke

1. Marshall Wells, Elkin, 58.34

7. Colby Goins, East Surry, 1:01.66

Girls 400 freestyle relay

1. Elkin 3:49.72: Morgan Wiles, Amelia Presley, Sedessa Hatcher, Sophie Welborn

8. East Surry 3:58.73: Haley Joyce, Kaci Collins, Kennedy Cook, Claire Hull

Boys 400 freestyle relay

7. Elkin 3:31.54: Troy Snow, Luke McComb, Henry Snyder, Marshall Wells

(P) Mount Airy 3:53.03: Matheson Williams, Noah Moore, John Stafford, Hayden Bender



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