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❄️WEIGH IN: Are you team snow or no?

As a kid, there was nothing like a snow day. No school, hot cocoa, snow fights – I mean, what more could you ask for?

Now that I’m an adult, I certainly feel a lot different about winter weather. When I was little, the more snow the better – nothing topped getting a day off to spend time with friends and enjoy the beautiful winter day.

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But unless you’re a teacher, once you reach adulthood, you’re likely getting called in to work whether you like it or not. From having to clean off the cold slushy mess from your car to having to make sure you make it safely to work, the whole ordeal is much more stressful.

So, if someone were to ask me now if I was team snow or no – I would respond with a resounding NO 😅

But what side are you on? We’d love to know! Take the poll below and let us know your stance:


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Source: WSLS News 10

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